‘Into the Ordinary’

Several years ago I gathered my courage and showed a selection of my poetry to a local ‘Writer in Residence’. The most powerful message he gave me was to continue writing with my ‘ordinary words’, as I called them. Since then I have been on a journey to continue writing using ordinary words, which come from the heart.

Just Because

Green saturates

every sense

~ a miracle

in chlorophyll ~

suddenly here


Leaves appear

in glorious iterations

emerald bursts

topped with

delicate petals


Ferns folded

within folds

unravel with

geometric grace

to the tick of

dandelion clocks


River races on

without sleep

washing new life

to the ocean


and urgent


And the birds

oh the birds

they sing

every daylight hour

staking claims

making love

guarding home

just because


By Carys Owen

Loosely related to the theme of nature,

my hymn to the late arrival of spring.



You are the one

without a voice

without a pen

without a friend


You are the one

without daylight

without a square meal

without peace


We strain to hear

your words

spoken in hushed tones

chasing freedom


We strain to hear

your name

so we may speak it

and bring you home


By Carys Owen

This poem was written on the theme of ‘Uncaging the Poet’

Mindful of the many people who are imprisoned for speaking

their truth, I imagined the ones who receive no attention or

publicity . Thanks to Amnesty International and PEN who

work tirelessly to bring these writers, thinkers, loved-ones




Octopus pulls in treasures

from the ocean floor

shells, carapaces, coral

all to adorn her

patchwork façade

her undersea blanket fort

built from the inside out

designed to confound

the hunter and befuddle

the love rival

she hunkers down

like 27 Roman legionaries

in testudo formation

shields locked to

protect soft parts

sliding the last plate in place

she spies through a tiny gap

pinpointing her moment

to escape


By Carys Owen

Inspired by the poetry prompt ‘animal architecture’

and this amazing creature



Welcome to old friends

cedar, spruce, hemlock, fir


Welcome to our families

deer, otters, marmots, geese


Welcome to stealthy hunters

cougars, wolves, sea-lions, martens


Welcome to the fisher-folk

herons, scoters, cormorants, grebes


Welcome to the inter-tidal clan

sun stars, oysters, anemones, crabs


Welcome to the deep sea divers

halibut, kelp, octopus, seals


Welcome to the night-time crew

barred owls, bats, mice, raccoons


Welcome to the pond dwellers

tadpoles, salamanders, dragonflies, toads


Welcome to the budding plants

sword fern, skunk cabbage, fiddleheads, lilies


Welcome to the forest lovers

woodpeckers, squirrels, lichen, moss


Welcome to the ocean schools

dolphins, humpbacks, herring, eels


Welcome to the gift-givers

thimbleberry, salmonberry, hazelnut, salal


Welcome to the pollinators

wasps, bees, hummingbirds and humble flies


Welcome to the tireless gardeners

earthworms, snails, robins, moles


Welcome to the microscopic wonders

bacteria, plankton, microbes, nematodes


Welcome to the earth enrichers

leaf litter, fungus, beetles, humus


Welcome to the engineers

ravens, beavers, spiders, ants


Welcome to the balladeers

loons, tree frogs, chickadees


Welcome to the councillors

seagulls, crows, Pacific waves


Welcome to the new arrivals

fawns, chicks, cubs, kits


Welcome to the ancient ones

mountains, forests, ocean, rivers


Welcome to our wild, wise elders

salmon, eagle, orca, bear


Welcome to the human ones

with respect and gratitude to First Nations


Welcome to the longer days

and shorter nights


Welcome to the warming sun

and sustaining rain


Welcome to a dawning season

where you can choose

to begin again





By Carys Owen


Written for @wildwisesociety in honour of their

‘Wild New Life’ event on April 30th

at Willow Point Hall, Campbell River.

Everyone is welcome!



The hollow in

the bed she made

is filled with love


the silence where her

dog tags rang

is filled with love


the stillness where she

gazed and explored

is filled with love


the void once awash

with sighs and snores

is filled with love


the place in my arms

where she melted in

is filled with love


the empty beach where

she skipped and wove

is filled with love


the gentle waves that

bathed her toes

all filled with love


the big sky and the

mountain view

love, love, love


By Carys Owen

Rest well dear friend

Kenzie 2009-2023

The nature of my animal,

Kenzie, is love, love, love

and a lot of cheekiness!



I left town years ago

and moved to the woods

with a forest

for a back yard

~ trilliums in spring

mushrooms in fall ~


a grassy clearing

perfect for daisies

bordered by fiddleheads

tended by deer


maple saplings shoot up

fresh and green

grand fur stretch overhead

moss carpets the shade

and just beyond


are skunk cabbage, huckleberry

salmonberry, sword fern

fawn lilies, ocean spray

Oregon grape, vanilla leaf

licorice fern, lupins

columbines, dandelions

cedar, oak and hemlock


I asked around

and they all agreed-

none of them

are weeds


By Carys Owen

Written for the dVerse Poetry prompt of ‘Weeds’


I live in two worlds

separated by vast waters

~ half a lifetime in each ~

my heart shared




Here on an island

wild and rugged

where I walk the beach

daily and traverse

forests to reach



There on an island

with my daughter

~ a windswept beach

and a bus ride home

to Zoom with my son

her brother


Our orbits

sometimes align

but mostly I am resigned

to drift happily between

two worlds

oceans apart


By Carys Owen

Written for a prompt about place and space by d’Verse Poetics


It’s not in the history

nor is it in the yet to come

it’s not in it’s melody

nor in the shape it holds


This friendship

is a rare and wondrous thing

that sits right here

in the breaths

we take

and listens



By Carys Owen


This quadrille about friendship was written to include a line from a blogger friend’s poem…it ended up being inspired by his whole poem! Thanks Bjorn Rudberg !

Any dVerse poets who wish to use a line from one of my poems are welcome to do so, please credit me and link back to my poem- cheers!


This kiss has travelled miles

kept safe in a pocket

wrapped in silk

it has journeyed oceans

and rocky trails

burning a hole

through days

impatient to be planted

on my lover’s lips


this kiss




this kiss








By Carys Owen


A ‘golden oldie’ from my book ‘Into the Ordinary’ for


She sits on my feet

these days

needful of touch

no words

just love


We equal each other

breathing together

sharing a pulse

best friends

for a lifetime


Hard to imagine

another way

as we amble

through days

hearts like diamonds


By Carys Owen