I live in two worlds

separated by vast waters

~ half a lifetime in each ~

my heart shared




Here on an island

wild and rugged

where I walk the beach

daily and traverse

forests to reach



There on an island

with my daughter

~ a windswept beach

and a bus ride home

to Zoom with my son

her brother


Our orbits

sometimes align

but mostly I am resigned

to drift happily between

two worlds

oceans apart


By Carys Owen

Written for a prompt about place and space by d’Verse Poetics


It’s not in the history

nor is it in the yet to come

it’s not in it’s melody

nor in the shape it holds


This friendship

is a rare and wondrous thing

that sits right here

in the breaths

we take

and listens



By Carys Owen


This quadrille about friendship was written to include a line from a blogger friend’s poem…it ended up being inspired by his whole poem! Thanks Bjorn Rudberg !

Any dVerse poets who wish to use a line from one of my poems are welcome to do so, please credit me and link back to my poem- cheers!


This kiss has travelled miles

kept safe in a pocket

wrapped in silk

it has journeyed oceans

and rocky trails

burning a hole

through days

impatient to be planted

on my lover’s lips


this kiss




this kiss








By Carys Owen


A ‘golden oldie’ from my book ‘Into the Ordinary’ for


She sits on my feet

these days

needful of touch

no words

just love


We equal each other

breathing together

sharing a pulse

best friends

for a lifetime


Hard to imagine

another way

as we amble

through days

hearts like diamonds


By Carys Owen


‘Tidy your room’, his Mum said,

the same Mum who loved to leave

a trail of evidence behind her

as she travelled through childhood


A book she read, a sketch half done

some Lego and an apple core

a sock, some Pokemon cards

a rainbow of pens

‘Tidy your room every day’ I urged

‘no matter how tired you are’


Forgetting that I was the one

who accepted praise for

an immaculate room until

my Mum thought to look

under the bed


I wonder if my mother’s mother

suffered the same tribulations,

fearing for the state

of civilization?


In their defense

these busy souls have no time

to fold their clothes and put them away

when there are books to get lost in

daydreams to dream

skateboards to ride

games to invent

hideouts to build

snacks to concoct

and music to play


By Carys Owen


Based on the prompt of incorporating a specific piece of advice into a poem-

‘At the end of each day fold your clothes and put them away, no matter how tired you are.’

d’Verse Poet’s Pub


It crept up on me, unexpected

~ the wonder of grandmotherhood ~

‘I’ll call you Bibi’ he said

and off we went

never stopping

never looking back

forging ahead into

adventure and discovery

learning each other’s faces on Zoom

finding out about galaxies

whales, dinosaurs, trees

new species, curious facts

~ did you know sea otters have pockets?

writing poetry together






recognizing that cheeky grin

warning of mischief

meeting in this world

where we can hug and laugh

running across the field

a football between us

‘Yes, please call me Bibi’

I reply



By Carys Owen


Snow falls from

his fingertips

creating a blizzard

of fresh powder

as he shakes hands

with winter


He dives right in

with the wonder

of his eleven years

unable to believe

the lightness of crystals

the chill of ice on lips

the shiver of meltwater

the freedom of falling

over and over

leaving his imprint

~ now a dance

frozen in time ~


His laughter rings

in crisp air

and all the

winter dreams

he dreamt

are coming true


By Carys Owen

Dreams and Visions


Across the water

I see a canoe

travelling onward

skimming the waves

it is mine to fill

with the ones I love

my children, their children

we paddle together

present, content

it helps me make sense

of the distance between us



Walking in a gallery

on a trip to Tofino

we bathe in the imagery

take imaginary journeys

and my grandson

chooses a card to

carry home across the sea

to frame and remember

this family togetherness

~ it is a canoe

filled with ancestors


By Carys Owen

dVerse- poet’s pub- Poetics Tuesday


It came in

a white van

overnight delivery


I set up my webcam

check my smile

settle my mind

clear my throat

and hit record


‘Good morning

followers, the

latest version

has arrived at

my doorstep!

I’m so excited

to unbox it

with you…’


I slide the

box-cutter through

packing tape

unfold the flaps

and start peeling

back layers of



‘Ah…here it is

…nestled in its own

custom container,

shiny and new

…it looks even

better than

the last iteration-


2023 is here!


Glowing with potential

sleek and streamlined

promises of possibilities

the label reads:


Every second

a moment to be,

a chance to exist,

to put down roots

or fly away


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by Carys Owen