Scoop up the happiness

from each special moment

gather it gently

pull it in close

let it wash through you

brightening the greyness


Take in the medicine

knowing you are worthy

this is the sunshine

you have been waiting for

this is the love you can

reach for on lonely days

this is the place you create

for your tender heart


Scoop up the happiness

let it run through your fingers

feel the weight

and the lightness

watch it come

watch it go


Store the warmth

in the safe house

of your bones


By Carys Owen

Faster Every Day


The tide crashes

in and out

throwing up spray

pulling my breath

with every wave

slowing my pulse

soothing my nerves


The wind plays

in my hair

lifts the feathers

on nearby crows

tousles and buffets us

promises coolness

and clear skies


The night draws in

faster every day

shaving slivers

off the sun

trading bright light

for a soft blanket

speckled with

stellar fragments

and messages from

other worlds


By Carys Owen



My broken heart

longs for a lullaby

because how much

can one person cry

for the monumental mess

humankind has created ?


My heart hurts for

the children stolen from

their loving families


My heart hurts for

the villages burnt to the ground

in apocalyptic flames


My heart hurts for

the whales and fish

broiled in an oceanic fireball


How stupid is this?

How selfish is this?

How avoidable is this?

How shit is this?


My broken heart

longs for a lullaby

because how much

can one person cry?


By Carys Owen

Do I Matter?


I see you and you see me

on days when we are blue

on days when we are glad

on days when we just don’t know

on days when we wonder

do I matter?


in the mirror of our friendship

we reflect love for each other

we see the smiles we are lacking


in the messages of caring

we echo the wisdom and kindness

we have learned from each other


in the phone calls we share

we speak each other’s names

we say ‘You matter greatly’


in our own separate worlds

we remember these words

and know our worth


By Carys Owen

So Tiny!


So tiny!

He looks brand new

just born

we slow right down

turn off the engine

and wait for his mum

to decide which way

to lead

the tiny fawn

~ landed on

an alien planet ~

testing his legs

for the first time

all irregular angles

and bewilderment


We will let them choose

one lush verge

or the other,

tall with spring rain

filled out with flowers,

Mom can’t decide

perhaps it’s her first time too


We marvel at

the fragile newness

the perfect miniature

as a massive truck

crawls to a halt

and waits in reverence

while mom and baby

select their exit point


The pick-up passes by

with tender slowness

and we continue quietly

on our way

amazed at the care

of the drivers on

these winding roads

who stop with love

for deer and bear


Who never tire

of the wonder


by Carys Owen

(a true story)

Garden Life


I twine my fingers

amongst green leaves

feel the pea tendrils

tug at my arm


my fingers sink

into soft soil

as I thin the kale

and ease out weeds


strawberries watch me

fat but still pale

bobbing on their stems

as garlic scapes curl


the busy silence

slows my pulse

and brings me gently

down to earth


in my mind I shrink


and walk the rows

feeling cool rain

on my face

seeing tender leaves

bend overhead


I am immersed in green

watching the chlorophyll

brighten like starburst

hearing bees

bumble about the flowers


I soak up the lushness

of this garden life

and drink in the

newly minted air


reluctant to resume actual size

I feel so at home

in this garden life

and wonder what fruit I would produce

were I to stay and

lay my roots down here


By Carys Owen

This Way Up


Hold my heart

this way up

don’t tip it

or drop it

don’t leave it in the sun


Hold my heart

this way up

don’t rattle it

or poke it

don’t leave it outside all alone


Hold my heart

this way up

don’t shake it

or test it

don’t wait too long for love


By Carys Owen

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Grow Joy


Take a tiny seed

a memory

~ dried up and dormant ~

of something

that brought joy


re-enact the scene

re-engage the feelings

the sights, the smells

the fullness of being


a walk in the woods

a visit with a friend

a song long forgotten

your own secret recipe


practise it faithfully

though joy may feel far off

practise it faithfully

a few minutes a day


be there, be in it

let your body remember

let your heart recall

how good it feels to connect

how good it feels to create


grow some joy

from a simple act

~ even for a moment ~

place a kiss

on your hurts

and delight

in your soul


By Carys Owen