You are the one

without a voice

without a pen

without a friend


You are the one

without daylight

without a square meal

without peace


We strain to hear

your words

spoken in hushed tones

chasing freedom


We strain to hear

your name

so we may speak it

and bring you home


By Carys Owen

This poem was written on the theme of ‘Uncaging the Poet’

Mindful of the many people who are imprisoned for speaking

their truth, I imagined the ones who receive no attention or

publicity . Thanks to Amnesty International and PEN who

work tirelessly to bring these writers, thinkers, loved-ones


8 Replies to “Without”

  1. Thank you for this Carys. You really get to the heart of the futility of being imprisoned as a poet/writer. Although it seems tenuous at first, hope lives in the strain, and is offered in possibility – bringing home. Powerful and moving.

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  2. I like the effective use of repetition, Carys, the beating heart of your poem, the direct address and simple structure to get your message across.


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