Tree Dance


Hey Tree

will you dance

with me ?

reveal your story

of how you grew

in this round about

mysterious way

made of folds

and pleats

wrapped like

ribbons of time

around thin air

holding great energy

in stillness



Hey Tree

it’s easy to believe

you once danced

on these cliffs

mirroring waves

~ ripples and curves

taking the shape

of a body

and mind ~

grain-like muscles

and outstretched limbs

moving gracefully

through space

and time



Hey Tree

will you dance with me?

sing your name

above the surf

a reminder that

this is enough

this moment

this aeon

as the ocean booms

I trace your bark

full of years

etched with stories

and we spin

into the blue



Hey Tree

how does it feel

to be anchored in place

witnessing tides

listening to whales

blown by the wind

as you grow

careful and slow

sequestering carbon

harbouring energy?


~ are you saving it

for a rainy day

for one final

emphatic display?

or a time when it feels safe

to be yourself again?

move with the rhythms

of the Earth again

let loose your roots

cast your spell

with a shake of leaves

and choreograph

your own

harmonious dance

of life


By Carys Owen


Tree- Ucluelet BC (Photos by Carys Owen)

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