It came in

a white van

overnight delivery


I set up my webcam

check my smile

settle my mind

clear my throat

and hit record


‘Good morning

followers, the

latest version

has arrived at

my doorstep!

I’m so excited

to unbox it

with you…’


I slide the

box-cutter through

packing tape

unfold the flaps

and start peeling

back layers of



‘Ah…here it is

…nestled in its own

custom container,

shiny and new

…it looks even

better than

the last iteration-


2023 is here!


Glowing with potential

sleek and streamlined

promises of possibilities

the label reads:


Every second

a moment to be,

a chance to exist,

to put down roots

or fly away


Please like or

share my video

and click on

the link below

to review this

newly released

Limited Edition





by Carys Owen

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