I left town years ago

and moved to the woods

with a forest

for a back yard

~ trilliums in spring

mushrooms in fall ~


a grassy clearing

perfect for daisies

bordered by fiddleheads

tended by deer


maple saplings shoot up

fresh and green

grand fur stretch overhead

moss carpets the shade

and just beyond


are skunk cabbage, huckleberry

salmonberry, sword fern

fawn lilies, ocean spray

Oregon grape, vanilla leaf

licorice fern, lupins

columbines, dandelions

cedar, oak and hemlock


I asked around

and they all agreed-

none of them

are weeds


By Carys Owen

Written for the dVerse Poetry prompt of ‘Weeds’

8 Replies to “Weeds”

  1. I’ve always wanted to live in the woods or forest, Carys, and your poem has strengthened that desire. I love the thought of daisies and fiddleheads in a grassy clearing.


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