Welcome to old friends

cedar, spruce, hemlock, fir


Welcome to our families

deer, otters, marmots, geese


Welcome to stealthy hunters

cougars, wolves, sea-lions, martens


Welcome to the fisher-folk

herons, scoters, cormorants, grebes


Welcome to the inter-tidal clan

sun stars, oysters, anemones, crabs


Welcome to the deep sea divers

halibut, kelp, octopus, seals


Welcome to the night-time crew

barred owls, bats, mice, raccoons


Welcome to the pond dwellers

tadpoles, salamanders, dragonflies, toads


Welcome to the budding plants

sword fern, skunk cabbage, fiddleheads, lilies


Welcome to the forest lovers

woodpeckers, squirrels, lichen, moss


Welcome to the ocean schools

dolphins, humpbacks, herring, eels


Welcome to the gift-givers

thimbleberry, salmonberry, hazelnut, salal


Welcome to the pollinators

wasps, bees, hummingbirds and humble flies


Welcome to the tireless gardeners

earthworms, snails, robins, moles


Welcome to the microscopic wonders

bacteria, plankton, microbes, nematodes


Welcome to the earth enrichers

leaf litter, fungus, beetles, humus


Welcome to the engineers

ravens, beavers, spiders, ants


Welcome to the balladeers

loons, tree frogs, chickadees


Welcome to the councillors

seagulls, crows, Pacific waves


Welcome to the new arrivals

fawns, chicks, cubs, kits


Welcome to the ancient ones

mountains, forests, ocean, rivers


Welcome to our wild, wise elders

salmon, eagle, orca, bear


Welcome to the human ones

with respect and gratitude to First Nations


Welcome to the longer days

and shorter nights


Welcome to the warming sun

and sustaining rain


Welcome to a dawning season

where you can choose

to begin again





By Carys Owen


Written for @wildwisesociety in honour of their

‘Wild New Life’ event on April 30th

at Willow Point Hall, Campbell River.

Everyone is welcome!


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