Carry It


Like a snail

I carry it with me

wherever I go


this home is a place

inside of me

not a table and chairs

not a carpet or teapot

or a settee


it is the peace

at the heart

of me


it is the laughter

that illuminates

each room


it is the love

of a lifetime

written on my bones

by Carys Owen



Forget the dark clouds

they are not worth it

you are sunshine

and starlight

the secret ingredient

that makes the taste right


you are the final note

in a perfect song

the laugh

that travels airwaves

and the shine

on a drop of rain


you are the surprise

of blue sky

after days of grey

and the snowdrop who appears

one January morning

fully formed


you are the breath of fresh air

that everyone needs

in these dark, foetid times

you are all and nothing

the sweetest soul

the wisest word

by Carys Owen

‘Into the Ordinary’

Several years ago I gathered my courage and showed a selection of my poetry to a local ‘Writer in Residence’. The most powerful message he gave me was to continue writing with my ‘ordinary words’, as I called them. Since then I have been on a journey to continue writing using ordinary words, which come from the heart.