So Tiny!


So tiny!

He looks brand new

just born

we slow right down

turn off the engine

and wait for his mum

to decide which way

to lead

the tiny fawn

~ landed on

an alien planet ~

testing his legs

for the first time

all irregular angles

and bewilderment


We will let them choose

one lush verge

or the other,

tall with spring rain

filled out with flowers,

Mom can’t decide

perhaps it’s her first time too


We marvel at

the fragile newness

the perfect miniature

as a massive truck

crawls to a halt

and waits in reverence

while mom and baby

select their exit point


The pick-up passes by

with tender slowness

and we continue quietly

on our way

amazed at the care

of the drivers on

these winding roads

who stop with love

for deer and bear


Who never tire

of the wonder


by Carys Owen

(a true story)

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