Garden Life


I twine my fingers

amongst green leaves

feel the pea tendrils

tug at my arm


my fingers sink

into soft soil

as I thin the kale

and ease out weeds


strawberries watch me

fat but still pale

bobbing on their stems

as garlic scapes curl


the busy silence

slows my pulse

and brings me gently

down to earth


in my mind I shrink


and walk the rows

feeling cool rain

on my face

seeing tender leaves

bend overhead


I am immersed in green

watching the chlorophyll

brighten like starburst

hearing bees

bumble about the flowers


I soak up the lushness

of this garden life

and drink in the

newly minted air


reluctant to resume actual size

I feel so at home

in this garden life

and wonder what fruit I would produce

were I to stay and

lay my roots down here


By Carys Owen

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