It’s not in the history

nor is it in the yet to come

it’s not in it’s melody

nor in the shape it holds


This friendship

is a rare and wondrous thing

that sits right here

in the breaths

we take

and listens



By Carys Owen


This quadrille about friendship was written to include a line from a blogger friend’s poem…it ended up being inspired by his whole poem! Thanks Bjorn Rudberg !

Any dVerse poets who wish to use a line from one of my poems are welcome to do so, please credit me and link back to my poem- cheers!

8 Replies to “Some-thing”

  1. A little gem of a quadrille, Carys, sparked by one of Björn’s! I like the scattering of rhyme in the words ‘history / melody / whole-heartedly’.


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